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Black Rainbow Paris

Guys forget the Eiffel Tower, The Le Louvre, The putes of Pigalle or other good things of Paris! When you land go straight to Black Rainbow Paris shop!

If there is one shop that you can’t miss it’s this one! You don’t trust me? Just go and have a look… you will see you will buy something!

Long life guys and I’ll come to see you soon!

See even guys looking like Jeff Staple wants to be seen there!


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Maybe one of the most interesting place in UAE currently?

“The shelter is an innovation campus that allows ideas to exist in a creative environment. This environment is infused with added value experiences such as language and design classes, regional major events such as the Art Dubai VIP lounge and will exist to create an experience in order to attract and identify innovation.”

They have a shop with good product it seems and organise sale on supremebeing brand on Saturday… so I might pass by… not to buy anything but to have a look at the place…



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Best shop ever! Bastard Store Milano

Well when from that:


You reach that:


For me you just deserved this tittle! The shop is the Bastard store in Milano and to get the all story about it you need to read the story at archdaily.com

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Official in Dubai!

It seems that surely but slowly the streetwear scene is showing a little bit of its nose in Dubai city!

After last year BBC pieces at Saks now here come the Official cap Shemagh made with original tissue from the british army! Official is a real good alternative to New Era and I think they fit me better so it’s a good news! The only thing is that it is usually limited edition so it’s a bit pricey 😦

Any way it’s like that and that’s the way it is! Go to 50°C (Souk Al Bahar) to catch one!

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