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Tribute to a legend – Tony Hawk in Paris Grand Palais

Tony Hawk is like Michael Jordan! A legend in his sport, skateboarding!

If you look at the video, you see an event build by Quicksilver in the Grand Palais in Paris.There is a lot of report on the web about it so it is maybe one of the most hype event ever in the history of the sport (or maybe I’m back to Dubai and everything has to be the Biggest, best, est!)

Just feel the energy of the clip and you will understand why I don’t write more about it! No need… do you need? Well go and get lost in that case!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Frenchies skate around China with Nike SB

A short one but really nice one shoot around CHina (beijing, Hong Kong, Shangai…) by the French Nike Sb team…

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Energy like that is needed!

I need this type of energy here around! I know skate is quite developed around the Emirates town but I can’t see it (Maybe the current heat you will tell me) and I love to see the kids doing it!

In terms of party I want this wild, everything is ours, I don’t give a f**k feeling! People are so… so… so not trash… not trash trash but be at least Glam trash! Heeee you see what I mean well the ones who see… Anyhow it’s different and the party of DIM Mak x Alife x Santos looks out of this world!

For info the skate video is the bonus of Debacle the last video of Nike SB

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Go longboard…

Longboard is cool by excellence! On the ocean or on the bitume you can’t go hard with it! Well you can but still in a cool way… Have a look at those skateboard longboard…

They go cool and they go hard…

Thanks to the jetsetter for the link

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X Games Big Air Rail Jam Gold by D. Way

Boooyaka!!!!!!!! huge!!!!!!! Nuttttttttttttssssssss!!!!!!!!Danny Way is big anyway why so surprised?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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I’m too old.. surf kids rocks and knife even become sk8!

So first this kid Ian Gentil surf better than you! And then me for sure… I don’t really surf outside of my dream and once every 12 years… so get amazed by those video…

Then look how someone took a skateboard and put it on a knife! Is it to flip the merguez at the BBQ? well…


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ESPN X Games and Dubai Event Management Corporation to Host the World’s Richest Multi-Action Sports Event

That sounds cool! The X Games Dubai are getting bigger and bigger and it’s a good news! The Middle East is a fantastic playground for Xtreme sports due to the nice weather that you have all year long so it is just natural!

I only hope that the infrastructure will follow! Can’t wait for the teleski, nice skatepark, Wave pool etc!

See the announcement on EXPN site here!


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