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In July I keep on buying…

Well it’s not true as I am on a non spending time but whatever…

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Yes I know it’s summer and you are thinking about the bikini below but this one is kickin!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Snowboard Olympic team clothes are butta!

The Snowboard team of the US will be dress by Burton in a very different way than what we could have expected!

Snowboard is different so usually it’s fluo, oversize, “special patterns” or unique color per piece in terms of style in the last years! Now Burton provide a Jeans style as trouser and some kind of college jacket for the team!

I love it! It is just classic! Crazy dude going to college! I love it!

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Skateboard in NYC, Snowboard Pininfarina and that’s it!

So first a lil report on a competition by RedBull (It gives you wings they say!)

and then the new Burton T6 made by pininfarina and that is faster than a Ferrari! As expensive as a Ferrari? Probably! Sh*t I wouldn’t mind coppin it for my future snow season! Hopefully longer than the one this year (3 days ndlr)

Thanks to Freshness


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Burton tribute to Andy Warhol…

I would die to downhill on a piece of art like that one! Burton Warhol series is dope!

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