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Christmas shopping… the beginning I think…

So I’m just back from my crazy trip to France and try to catch up with what happened when I was away in the fantastic world of consumerism and I found some good Xmas gift!

First this Nike Air Force 1! I saw it in shops in Paris and it is a really nice one… simple colorway but good materials that would make it dinner with the family than rock the club the day after…

Then this New Era cap… you ask why? Because it’s raining like in my place so what would be better than a waterproof New Era cap? Honestly with the normal one you would kill it now with this material, no worries!

Only question does it work for when you sweat? Well yes in summer when you are on a boat you do and so it leave some white salty marks that are humm… how to say… well you see…

Then this one for your best friend! Vans Suicidal Tendencies! Doctor I can see you calling me to know how to cop it! Well if I knew if would be your Xmas gift so let’s see!

And what do you think about that? Surfboard by Chanel! Ok some guys will laugh at you at the line up but if you are 5 meter high and 145kg of muscle like me nobody would say anything and you would rock… or maybe you should offer it to your model girl friend… so Emirates in Style!

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Meyerhoffer surfboard?


Well it’s different… it’s a different Surfboard shape… different…

By Meyerhoffer

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