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Frankfurt, Cologne, Baden Baden and Prague in a week

This is my schedule so will see what I will have time to post for you!

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My room in Cannes

So I’m currently staying at The Majestic Barriere which is one of the Palace of Cannes.

The hotel is really nice with this old European luxurious atmosphere. I love it! The rooms are not up to Dubai standard as there is no coffee machine, are small and no sleepers seen but still quite nice.

What I really like about it? The cosyness and the tired feeling (The hotel is going threw a slow motion refurbishment it seems) as it gives historical feeling to the place.

There is also picture of famous movie star that stayed here along the years at the Festival so that is quite cool!

Let the pictures talk for me…

The hotel from outside

My room…

The bonsai…

The corridor…

The Stars… on the wall

My lunch… outside on the 6th of December in France that is nice…

And guess what? Dubai is all around again! Very Quicksilver logo isn’t it?

More about Cannes to come…


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The Drifter with Rob Machado from him and Taylor Steele

So much what I would love to do now! Need to work on my surfing and finance but I will do it!

The movie is out in September and I hope I will be able to put my hand on it fast!

Thanks Hurley

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Trip in France…

After leaving the country where Pakistani sleep below Dior ads I welcome the green surrounding from my TGV window and found that my little brother is becoming a sneaker addict!

It’s cool! Well the wedding was very nice and tomorrow I’m back to Paris for a bit of shopping, a 4CYDS party and Delasoul in concert for a private Tommie Smith Puma party (Thanks to sneakers.fr)!

Will keep you posted!

Here’s the pics that translate my feelings in visual:

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