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UFC 114 The fight of the night!

If all goes well this fight will go ballistic! Ihope they don’t go tactical for the win only but goes all the way to shut the mouth of the other! Go… both!

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Nogueira Brother Seminar in Dubai – Boombastic

Probably the best seminar I went, ever! The Nogueira brother’s (BTT, UFC…) are so nice and the class was really good! We even had the chance to roll with them at the end and they didn’t hammer us but showed us the way!

A great seminar for which I thank Ze! Hope to have a lot of others here in the future!

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UFC 112 – Deception

UFC 112 Invicible was supposed to be one of the greatest card ever in the UFC history and turns out quite a deception! When the Pre Fight were great, when the BJ vs Edgar was a tactical fight so a bit boring the 2 other main event were not a show!

Gracie vs Hughes? Ok Renzo didn’t have the gas to beat Matt but it was not a fight like you could expect it!

Anderson Silva vs Damian Maia? Well thank you Damian to have tried to fight! Anderson I think you should give your check to the kids in Brasil who needs it because you didn’t deserved to be paid yesterday!

But overall it was a fantastic experience and the pics after are just here to tell you that!

Dana just don’t forget you own us something!

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UFC 112 Abu Dhabi is this Saturday!

I’ll be there, I’ll tweet from there and I will have a really good time! Can’t wait for UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi!

And the day after? The Nog’s seminar! Perfect weekend!

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news and update

I’m currently fighting with some challenges with my hard drive and that is why I’m not posting! I might have lost all my pictures and music because my hard drive are not answering anymore so I’m upset…

It might be back soon but for the moment I just don’t feel it! But keep on your toes! I have a trip to Liwa with the visit of the craziest car museum ever and soon the UFC weekend to come…

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Nogueira’s Brother Seminar in Dubai

Will not miss this one! Right after the UFC! You have all the details on the picture! I’m number 2 on the list!

By our master

Zé Marcello zemarcello@mac.com

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UFC 2010 as UFC 112 is around the corner!

Remember the 10th of April at Yas Island circuit concert arena! It’s gonna massive! He will be there (BJ Penn) and then you will buy the game! Trust me!

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