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I wanna be a Guido!

I can’t remember the last time I laugh so much! The Guido and Guidette are my new stars! I was intrigued by Jersey Shore so I DL the all uncensored season 1! I watch the 13 episodes in 2 days and just because I felt asleep!

The Guido and Guidettes are my new hero’s! They wear “Designer” shades, Audigier and Ed Hardy tee shirt, Go Gym, Tan, Laudry everyday, listen to Americadance (Not Eurodance they are US based) and for the Guido look at charming as many Guidettes as they can! No Grenade for them unless it’s for their friends!

What I like is that they don’t mind a fight here and there and for their Guidettes even if they look somewhere else they love and respect… love it Anyway just enjoy the pics and the video!

Jersey Shore crew you are my heroes!

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Toys expo, bedsheet and kicks…

My back pain is slowly too slowly going out so no sports… my holidays are coming ouffff… Week at work was sh**t… Dubai is boring…etc

But I still love what I love… Anyhow…

Toys expo

Cool beds sheets

Can’t get sneakers

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New York, Newport and Brussels

Don’t need the OG but listen to those 2! The best! When is Dubai comin?


Newport WTF!

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LFMAO is craaaazzzzzzyyyyyy

This is a “Coup de coeur”! It is so… so… so well I don’t know? Funky groovy electrico natico sexo branchouille! It funny and groovy and I like it!

Well done guys from LFMAO you makes me bounce! So for this reason 3 youtube clip in a row! (There is more outside!)

If you want to look like them also check

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Pour Charlotte et Noemie

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Adidas… Original!

I like the feeling that bring those two video! The block party is just so Berlin, would have love to be there!

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MMA and Brazilian Ju Jitsu are funny sports!

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Lady Gaganistan

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Gumball 3000 – Cars of the Middle East

Out of the 64 cars showcased in the complex list of this year gumball 3000 here is the ones coming from the region! Mostly the Emirates but also one from the Saudi desert!

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Bike and Air

The first is a bike that I like because it’s Orange!

The second is an ad that I like because it crazy!

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Vanilla Ice and Snap

As we have to respect the local culture of the UAE today and mourn the death of His Highness everybody has agreed that it was better not to have a big party with Ice Ice Vanilla and I got the power Snap!

But because I love you here is a lil remember of their smash hits! 90’s were the best!

Dance in your room nobody will say anything!

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Middle East Sandals are the best!

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Chatroulette hit!

Love it!

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Hype or nothing

Yes I’m back! I will have few picture of my trip to show but it was nothing special so to start on a better note let’s have a look at the below! Hype or nothing!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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