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Fancy a quick climb of the hill to go snowboarding? Want to travel in style to your next meeting or just put the surfboard at the back to reach Jumeirah beach?

Buy this one! Mercedes-Benz C-Class DR 520, Stuttgart started with a C63 AMG, added 60 horses, the AMG Performance Pack Plus, and matte black or white vinyl wrap. Zero to 62 mph in 4.1 seconds.

I like this! 20 of them only and a London exclusivity… let’s go hunting…

But also because I can wait for Gran Turismo to finally go out have a look at this one!

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Cars little story…

First I had to start with this short movie about the Ferrari 458 Italia because it’s a sweet piece

Then had to talk about the Bugatti Galibier… such a nice “not for every day” day to day car… well I would use another two tone color but look the inside isn’t it… how to say? Beautiful?


Then thank you Lamborghini to remember me that I will  not own one of your car any time soon… Like I don’t know that already…

But all in all there is a good news! Yes Gran Turismo 5 is announced on the 29th of December! 1 day after my birthday it’s so sweet! Go and pre-order it on amazon!


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The Daft Punk are back!

But not with an album! With a video game!

I played guitar hero with my buddy Mat last april and was pretty crap but ok could be nice if the Daft are behind the turntable!

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Party like a Rockstar! new GTA

The ballad of Gay Tony… such a name for GTA! Well the trailer is cool… very cool… so why not!

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Sony PS3 Slim!


Well it (The PS3 Slim) should be out soon so this time I might buy it!

I love the fact that it will cost 1200 or 1300AED (even if it is more than the 300$ in the US) and that I will be able to play UFC Undisputed!

Most probably my Christmas or maybe Ramadan gift!


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Street Fighter IV


I just got it and I’m so happy that it’s back! Need to buy 2 arcade pad and invite some friends for the night!

StreetFighter tournament to come soon! I’m so happy!


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UFC Undisputed the game!

It’s been a while we haven’t seen a good fight game can this UFC one do the trick? If Georges St Pierre is in it will!

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