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New acquisition by the Dubai Royal…

Well this is probably one of my last post here so if I upset the royal family I’m sorry but all comes from Luxist not me…

Here is the new acquisition it seems of the Dubai Royal Family with their hard earn cash! A little penthouse in Monaco for only 308 Millions Dollars…

Here is the location:

The dining room

The library

The master bedroom

What I prefer is the Terrace…

But now I have a question! How on earth this is a good investment? For the same amount you have a nice hotel that should give you a good return! How is this penthouse will? You gonna rent it?

Anyhow I’m just a small French guy on his way home who after 5 years hasn’t understood the logic!

If I’m around Monaco I’ll pass by to discuss… promise…

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Maestro visit Nike headquarter so just watch

Ok I can’t remember if I ever put a post on Levi Maestro video blog but honestly with the visit of the Nike headquarter I have to! just so cool!

I would love to have a football field, a race track, a fitness center, a wall for climbing to use when work stress me… just have a look by yourself!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Cool seating… Sport chair

Nice isn’t it? It’s the spider model rebuild for sports enthousiast! I wouldn’t 1 or 5 in my leaving room!

You can find them at VIP Seating and the info is from

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