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Emirates in Style on tour… stage 1

So as I told you I’m just back from my holidays! No big stories about it so I will just put 5 pics per stage!

1st one Paris!

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Nothing to worry about…

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Ramadan Kareem!

To all my followers all my best wishes! I will try not to post too many things that doesn’t match the idea of ramadan but can’t ensure you!

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Mario Sperry in Dubai

Another legend of the BJJ has visited Dubai! Mario Sperry join Rafael Haubert to teach the guys at the Emirates Jiu Jitsu Center Dubai some good techniques! Unfortunately my back is still hurting but I went on Saturday to have a look! Honestly I wasn’t there before because I was afraid it would hurt me not to train… and it did!

Well here are the pics… was amazing! The best people have such a quality to make everything simple.

Mario is on the left ndlr (Sorry Nabilou you are a star too but different)


Rafael is happy! Mario is not chocking him… yet!

The new generation

Everybody really enjoyed!

Again thank you Mario and  Rafael Next time I will be on the mat!


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Go to buy some red lace!

Any further information needed after watching the clip?Go to buy Nike red lace! I’m gonna tomorrow!

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4th of July!!!!

And? I don’t know! I like the US like… the rest of the world! Happy Independence day!

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Go Brazil!!!!!!

Brazil rules!!!!!! All the way tonight against the Oranje!

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