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I think for the last few month I started with some few products that I like so let’s carry on before I tell you more about my holidays… Ohh this time I add some pics that I found interesting too…

Eid Mubbarak!



Crooks n Castles

Clot vs undefeated


Bones Brigade


Yayaporndigger from VP

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From Paris to Shanghai by Louis Vuitton

This expo by Louis Vuitton was (is?) at the Mall66 next to the Portman (Pronounce it Poteman to be understood 🙂 ) centre. It’s a different aspect of the brand the way we know it! It is the way I like it! Historical and beautiful! Look by yourself at the pieces!

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Black Rainbow Paris

Guys forget the Eiffel Tower, The Le Louvre, The putes of Pigalle or other good things of Paris! When you land go straight to Black Rainbow Paris shop!

If there is one shop that you can’t miss it’s this one! You don’t trust me? Just go and have a look… you will see you will buy something!

Long life guys and I’ll come to see you soon!

See even guys looking like Jeff Staple wants to be seen there!


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Shanghai shopping…

So as you know I am kinda of a product freaka so the first thing I did in Shanghai was to try to find cool place to treat myself! I haven’t find all the ones that were given to me but here is some interesting info about where to go in Shanghai if you are into Streetwear…

It all started in the Xin Tian Di area with Evisu! Nice shop with all their lines, the new one specially!

On the right of the shop their is a shopping center where you also have a small sneaker boutique and two more trendy shop (Comme des Garcons…) that worth a visit.

Then I moved to People Square and that is where you can find the NSW corner in the biggest department store of Shanghai and the Nike Shanghai main shop! For info there is a lot of shop under the Nike umbrella in the city… at least 3 big ones and 3 NSW corner so don’t be afraid of not finding your QS there.

NSW corner at The World Mall:

Nike Shanghai:

After I moved to Juice which is the most beautiful shop of Shanghai in my opinion! Product and decor is just as expected sensational (and Expensive)! You can find there the best of the Japanese brands, Sneakers and Clot the owner brand. They didn’t let me take picture but go for it! Just an advice it’s a bit difficult to find…

Then in the same area but on Chang Le road you have Fly Streetwear with a nice selection of Nike SB, Adidas, HUF etc… felt like there was some fake but no they just have some slow moving items…

Then further down the road you find NPC and this one is with Juice one not to miss! Lots of Michael Lau collab and product, some local brands, good products (Cap, Bike, Watch, Bags…) and all the Nike that you want makes it a very good place!

And finally when you go across the road of NPC you can find a small passage that brings you to a sort of market full of little shop that sell  new, 2nd hand and a lot of fake from Nike, Neighborhood, Clot, Visvim, Supreme etc…

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Extra Butter

Those Bo’s are sick! 2010 but so fresh! Hope I can put my hands on! Fresh to def like they say!

And from the same source a sick battle! It’s been a while I haven’t put nice move in here hein!

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Clothes, street, people, video clip, robbery… what else

Mighty Healthy by Hypebeast

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Dubai mall and the old town

An afternoon at the mall because I had to check Bloomingdales! Expected Stussy, Crooks and other good shit didn’t find much… Next time I will queue for their cupcakes maybe it worth it!

Like this picture… for the moment not worth it!

He He finally some J’s and Force in Dubai?

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